UgoFresh is the ideal tool for wholesalers. It allows you to offer an online ordering solution to your customers and to optimize your purchases: UgoFresh saves you time and supports you in your development.

Sales side: You have to manage a multitude of customers on the phone, on the market... You are looking for a complete service to develop your customer loyalty and your business? Rely on the platform 100% dedicated to the fruit & vegetable trade and gain in efficiency.

Purchasing side: Do you need to stock up on a lot of different products every day?
This implies a significant amount of communication with your suppliers (often done over the phone). UgoFresh centralizes your suppliers' offers and gives you access to all products, documents and information in real time.

Ugofresh: the ideal solution for wholesalers.


Access to all your suppliers' offers updated in real time.

Clear view of the market centralized on the same interface.

Access to all documents (certificates, analyses, brand information...)


Develop online sales for your customers.

Simplify your sales while maintaining either contact over the phone or face-to-face contact with your customers.

Free up time in order to develop your business.


Effortlessly manage more clients by automating time-consuming tasks.

Simple and powerful application, dedicated to the fruit and vegetable industry.

Benefit from all the updates and all the new features.

Free, no registration obligation: what are you waiting for to give it a try?