Totally free for buyers.
For sellers: 1 unique offer with additional supplements (options) according to your needs. 

Start now: develop & optimize your business using the UgoFresh digital platform. More efficient, faster, simpler: discover the global platform for the fruit and vegetable business.

UgoFresh is a dedicated solution for fruit and vegetable professionals.

Buyer, seller : choose and discover our offers.



Access in real time, on the same screen, all the offers from your suppliers.


  • Access all your suppliers' offers on the same interface.
  • Offers are automatically classified by their type of product and updated in real time.
  • Create your call for bids and ask your suppliers for a price offer on a product.
  • Negotiate your suppliers' prices with ease and in just a few clicks.
  • Buy online in a few clicks on UgoFresh or keep calling your suppliers.
  • Connect yourself anywhere from your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Develop your company, target and win the loyalty of your customers and make your business a success.


  • Creation of your product catalog: create your offers and set your prices.
  • Add your customers: invite your customers on your private UgoFresh space.
  • Instant updates: modify your offers daily in just a few clicks.
  • Access the negotiation module: always find the right price between you and your customers.
  • Automation of purchases: your customers place their orders directly on the platform.
  • Manage your own distribution rules: target specific geographic areas and customers.
  • Manage your users: add your colleagues on UgoFresh and manage their authorizations.
  • Access to real-time market statistics: prices, volume, market trends... everything to sell better.

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