the best functionalities for the sellers

Offer more services to your customers, optimize repetitive and time-consuming tasks and easily increase the productivity of your sales staff. UgoFresh is an application dedicated to the fruit & vegetable wholesale business.
Modernize your business activity with ease and build customer loyalty while growing your business.

Manage your offers in just a few seconds

Offer new services to your customers with ease: information on your offers, online orders, negotiations and much more.

Login to your Ugofresh account and find all your product offers. Modify their prices, deactivate/activate them: update your products in a few moments.
You can also create new offers in an instant. Your customers will have access to them in real time. 

Respond to tenders & negotiations

Negotiate & develop loyalty programs with your clients to avoid missing out on opportunities.

Access all your customers' requests and position your offers accordingly.
Also recover all your current or past negotiations. 

Simple, fast and documented.

Send out your e-mail campaigns in just one click

Access our powerful email generation module. 
With one click, you can send your price or promotional e-mails to all your customers or just a selection. Each e-mail is personalized according to your settings.

Gardez le contrôle tout en optimisant vos tâches quotidiennes pour enfin vous faire gagner du temps.

Publish your certificates & analyses

Post all your analyses and certificates here.

They will be made available for your customers any time of the day so that they can look into them or download them whenever they need.
Faster than a phone call: you centralize your documents for all your customers in one place.

Centralize your customer information

UgoFresh organizes your customer files 

You have access from any device (computer, smartphone or tablet) to all your customer related information. 
You have the possibility to share their information among the users of your company for more efficiency.