the best functionalities for the buyers

Managing your fruit and vegetable supplies with UgoFresh: it couldn't be easier.
Our exclusive functionalities allow youto buy, request several price offers for a product, schedule a purchase over time, have access to all the necessary documents and accurately track your purchases.

Placing an order on UGOFRESH

Log on and and consult all the offers in real time on the same screen. You can sort them out by variety, origin, quality or the expected delivery date.
According to your preferences, we display the prices for each of the products. 

Very easy to use : select the offer you want, enter the desired quantity and add your choice to the basket.

Open a call for tenders

You can't find the offer that suits you or you want to plan an order over time? Open a call for tenders! Fill in the information about the product (quality, origin etc...), we instantly notify our sellers who will offer you their price conditions. 

Once you have received the prices, all you will have to do is make a choice!

Play around with our filters

Find the perfect product in just a few clicks.

Use our filters to select :

  • a product family
  • a specific origin
  • a quality grade
  • a date / delivery method
  • a grower...

Easy as pie! You have access to the products you want, at the best prices.

All your suppliers in the same spot

Meet all your suppliers on the same screen.
Ugofresh will centralize all their contact information for you.

Get access to all the documents that your suppliers share with you: certificates, analyses etc.
They are constantly available and you can download them whenever you want, wherever you want.

Take advantage of your personal space

By registering on the UgoFresh platform, you automatically benefit from a secure personal space. You will find all the information concerning your activity on the platform (orders, invoices, traceability documents...).

All documents can be consulted and downloaded whenever you wish.

Free, no registration obligation: what are you waiting for to give it a try?