Retailers / Greengrocer's

Focus on your business and simplify the procurement of your fruits and vegetables from your suppliers.
Order whenever you want, from wherever you want, in the most simple manner.

Are you looking for the best quality products, both visually, tant visuellement que gustativement ?
To find them, do you have to get up at the crack of dawn to contact your various suppliers ? Do your purchases take up a lot of your time ?

In that case, Ugofresh is made for you: access all your suppliers' offers in real time. 
You can order online in a few clicks and concentrate on your other responsibilities.

UgoFresh: the ideal solution for retail supply.


You have clear, instant and centralized visibility of all your suppliers' offers.

Order in 3 clicks and make your resupply purchases easily.


Easily diversify your supply lines.

Vous pouvez en toute simplicité gérer davantage de fournisseurs et avoir une meilleure visibilité du marché.


UgoFresh is the platform dedicated to the fruit and vegetable trade. 100% tailored to the industry, the application is simple to use but very powerful.

No installation or training required. Easy as pie.

Free, no registration obligation: what are you waiting for to give it a try?